BPE Composites…

Update is that I have begun selling my high performance aftermarket limbs to both Excalibur and Middleton crossbow owners who would like more performance from their crossbows.

The results so far are some very satisfied crossbow owners from both camps. Here are some reported speeds from various models:

Excalibur Vixen – the Vixen normally shoots a 350 grain arrow at approximately 260fps. Speed can now be increased to speeds of 320fps with 200 – 205lbs of draw weight.

Exocet 175 speed increased from 280 to 338fps.

Vortex increased to 360fps at 225lbs of drawweight.

Y25 Relayer to 368

Equinox from 350 to 375fps at 245lbs of draw weight

MiddletonDTM375 owners increasing speeds from 375 to 400fps and above with 275-280 lbs draw weight.

Currently negotiating distribution rights for custom crossbow 17.25″ barrels http://www.kuse.cz using these barrels in conjunction with the Middleton made crossbow limbs I expect to produce a 425-450fps recurve crossbow.

Having obtained rights to the fastest quality crossbow limbs on the planet, it is my hope to offer a 400 series recurve crossbow line. Should I be able to strike an agreement with Kuse Crossbows, I will be able to offer you a custom 400-450fps recurve crossbow.

My development company says they are making progress on my torsion power designs. We will see (I hope…). Hoping to see a prototype to show interested manufacturers, but not holding my breath. In the meantime I build you some of the very fastest recurve crossbows on the planet…

Oh yeah, heres a link to a thread about my crossbow limbs:

Those wanting to find out more about my high performance recurve crossbow limbs can write me at joelmaki622@hotmail.com

Bolt-on horsepower for your Excalibur or Middleton crossbow, grab another 20-60fps only 225.00 plus shipping.


2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,000 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Thoughts on Scorpyd ballista performance…

Hi and welcome to my “ballista blog”. Ballistae are ancient siege-engines that existed in Roman times, and the equivelent of todays heavy artillery. I’ve taken the basic concepts and developed a complete line of “alternative powered sports weaponry” to compete against the very best and fastest crossbows on the market. Do they really work?
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Monday Dec 19th.

NO ATA it looks like. My development team has received instructions to withdraw from the ATA, and cease negotiations with all other corporations interested…

This does make me a little upset and stressed, as nothing is inked yet. A fee is being negotiated to drop out of ATA etc. tho, so I should be able to recoup a little of monies invested to date.

I’d like to be able to say more, but cant. If negotiations are successful, it will be well worth it. The upside is I will get the low-down on the 2012 models and adjust accordingly. I still cant help feeling kinda bummed out about the ATA. My designs just plain kick ass, and I bought a new pair of boots for the occasion.

UPDATE – Dec 15.

The bad news. I have received an offer of exclusive licensing and the torsion design MAY be taken off the ATA menu.
The good news. I have been working with a manufacturer on a few different “limb” power designs that look very promising. It is expected an industry announcement will be made soon. These designs MAY be presented at the upcoming ATA. More to come later.

nu ballista build by end of June (hopefully sooner)

Having received my ballista back with a new chronied speed of 175fps with a 400 grain 20″ arrow (up 24fps from 154fps) after a minor tweak, I am ready to build the new one.

The goal here is to approach 300fps using the same pull of 45-50lbs, use the same Scorpyd 125 frame but drop the arrow weight down to something more reasonable for the pull weight say 300-325 grains from 400, while at the same time giving it a little wider axle to axle measurement, and using 3/8 diameter metal rod levers instead of the heavier 5/8″ diameter designed for pull weight in excess of 150lbs.

Before the minor tweak it was getting 154fps with 400 grains and 175fps with a 350 grain. A normal drop in velocity of 1fps per five grains – so the arrow is too heavy causing twice the normal amount of vel. loss. It seems logical to assume then taking the arrow weight down another 50 grains would result in another 25fps gain.

So bottom line is my current set up should be right at 225fps with a 300 grain arrow. The weight savings from going to a smaller diameter metal rod should outweigh by far the weight difference in arrows (about 15 grains per gram). I am hoping to lose a full one ounce per lever and think this should be enough to get me up to 250 fps with just 50lbs of pull.

If accomplished, I think that it would not be unreasonable to expect a 50% return on an additional amount of power, or about 375 at 100lbs pull. Since that is actually higher than the Scorpyd even a 40% increase in velocity would take me to the legal speed limitations of 350fps of a lot of the States.

I will do a weight savings test using one inch lengths of each diameter to calculate total weight savings, but figure it will be enough that a heavier arrow than 300 might still accomplish the speed goal for a 50lbs draw weight. The 50lbs pull is just right for backyard target practice or in my case basement or living room LOL.

Another build…

May 2011

The Scorpyd ballista is now off in the mail for testing by a brand name manufacturer and hopefully something will come out of it, and a new torsion powered crossbow/ballista hybrid for 2012.

So, now working with two manufacturers of crossbows. Thats enuff for now and I should concentrate on some other stuff. Now I am left without a bow to shoot and that will not do so will have to make another.

I have a Middleton DTM 375 rail stock and trigger I should throw something on…

Have a vid of the Scorpyd ballista to send to those who leave an email address in the comments section. I check the spam and delete on a semi reg. basis, so even if it does go there I’ll see it…