Another build…

May 2011

The Scorpyd ballista is now off in the mail for testing by a brand name manufacturer and hopefully something will come out of it, and a new torsion powered crossbow/ballista hybrid for 2012.

So, now working with two manufacturers of crossbows. Thats enuff for now and I should concentrate on some other stuff. Now I am left without a bow to shoot and that will not do so will have to make another.

I have a Middleton DTM 375 rail stock and trigger I should throw something on…

Have a vid of the Scorpyd ballista to send to those who leave an email address in the comments section. I check the spam and delete on a semi reg. basis, so even if it does go there I’ll see it…


1 Comment

  1. love to see the vid on the scorpyd.

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