BPE Composites…

Update is that I have begun selling my high performance aftermarket limbs to both Excalibur and Middleton crossbow owners who would like more performance from their crossbows.

The results so far are some very satisfied crossbow owners from both camps. Here are some reported speeds from various models:

Excalibur Vixen – the Vixen normally shoots a 350 grain arrow at approximately 260fps. Speed can now be increased to speeds of 320fps with 200 – 205lbs of draw weight.

Exocet 175 speed increased from 280 to 338fps.

Vortex increased to 360fps at 225lbs of drawweight.

Y25 Relayer to 368

Equinox from 350 to 375fps at 245lbs of draw weight

MiddletonDTM375 owners increasing speeds from 375 to 400fps and above with 275-280 lbs draw weight.

Currently negotiating distribution rights for custom crossbow 17.25″ barrels http://www.kuse.cz using these barrels in conjunction with the Middleton made crossbow limbs I expect to produce a 425-450fps recurve crossbow.

Having obtained rights to the fastest quality crossbow limbs on the planet, it is my hope to offer a 400 series recurve crossbow line. Should I be able to strike an agreement with Kuse Crossbows, I will be able to offer you a custom 400-450fps recurve crossbow.

My development company says they are making progress on my torsion power designs. We will see (I hope…). Hoping to see a prototype to show interested manufacturers, but not holding my breath. In the meantime I build you some of the very fastest recurve crossbows on the planet…

Oh yeah, heres a link to a thread about my crossbow limbs:

Those wanting to find out more about my high performance recurve crossbow limbs can write me at joelmaki622@hotmail.com

Bolt-on horsepower for your Excalibur or Middleton crossbow, grab another 20-60fps only 225.00 plus shipping.