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UPDATE January 2012.

The first crossbow manufacturer is on board, as well as one from the UK. Now to gain cooperation of one or two more key players. In progress as I write this. Exciting times for the crossbow community ahead.

Ballistica is just a term or name I have in mind for a concept. Ever since I came up with the inswinger concept well over ten years ago, I knew its rad design was for a later day and time. Well I guess that day has arrived….

Sometimes there is no way to move a mountain and one must either go around, over or under it. I simply havent that inclination and so will just go through it. That being the case I knew I would need a heap of support and a pile of money which seems to be in rather short supply everywhere these days.

Over the years as the ideas and concept grew I began to act upon it, as if it could actually be accomplished. This year, 2011 I vowed to make it happen and so put pictures on the internet forcing me to act within a one year period, or lose everything in the way of any future patenting rights of publically published material.

Ballistica would be formed when I am able to garner support from a number of recognised manufacturers, who support the idea of a new and separate category of sports weaponry, the alternative powered slingshots, bows, and crossbows.

So this then would be Ballistica, and I am in the early stages of formation having established a number of industry players. Who they might be we’ll just have to leave that to time for now…



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