Plan B

early November – Link to my scorpyd limbs. They do 468fps with a 350 grain arrow, and 445fps with a 400 grain. Here’s a youtube chrony shot video of them:

TAC15i – tried some solid limbs at 225lbs draw weight, and they produced an amazing 491fps:

Not a betting fella but I’d lay odds that soon you will see my TAC on youtube as we break the 500fps crossbow speed barrier with a new heavy duty quad limb set up. Most interesting will be if the limbs survive more than a couple of shots…

Word is I will soon have the worlds fastest recurve or compound limbs and may be sold as aftermarket high performance crossbow limbs for PSE TAC15i, Bowtech Strykezone 350/380, and Scorpyd, and of course recurve giant Excalibur crossbows, as well as Middleton/Bohning bows.

It would be great to be able to supply pse,bowtech, or the newboy on the crossbow scene Matthews Archery with a dependable and fast crossbow limb, something they really have a need for.

Maybe I should go on Dragons Den haha.

Of all the bows we have worked on so far, the TAC15i seems the best candidate to be able to shoot arrows at 500fps, without being unduly strained to the max or have things start exploding/breaking.

The stock TAC15i arrows survived the 491fps shot, which is a very good thing, but thinking Firenock Aerobolts would be the safest route to go.

491fps should be the worlds fastest TAC15i but I dont think we are done yet.

October 2012 – well, I’ve managed to acquire exclusion rights to Middleton crossbow limb tech outside of the companies immediate business.

I recently began to actively market my high performance aftermarket limbs to Excalibur and Middleton/Bohning crossbow owners. If you currently have one of these bows, I can sell you high performance limbs that will get you to 400fps and beyond. Excalibur crossbow owners are mighty loyal to their brand and this has not been easy to gain traction with, but nonetheless am meeting with some success now.

As well I am in the process of setting up a deal to distribute my limbs in UK and beyond, while gaining access to aftermarket custom machined barrels or rails for Excalibur and Middleton crossbows.

Not only are these custom machined (not extruded) barrels, but they come in custom lengths if need be. I will be soon be receiving a 17.25″ barrel made of “dural”, which combined with Middleton high performance limbs, should return well in excess of 425fps and quite possibly 450fps or more. A lot depends on the trigger and working to acquire access to quality triggers.

I hear Boo of Boo Strings is considering offering an Excalibur aftermarket trigger. Hmmmmm…..


Older entry from 2011??

Great Northern Crossbow Company. What do you think of the name? Up here in northern Ontario we have a big predatory fish called the Northern Pike. It likes to eat other big fish and pretty much anything it wants to.

Well, its plan B. Being quite serious about getting my bows on the market. I’ve always thought its best not to depend on others for your own success so in case plan A (licensing deal for torsion) does not come through, I’ve managed to complete negotiations with new friend and business partner to form a new Crossbow company at arms length to his own.

While our primary product will be after-market high performance limbs for other crossbows and vertical bows, we will also further develop both of our designs into new products..

I have in my living room what has to be one of the worlds fastest crossbows on the planet. We took the worlds fastest production crossbow the Scorpyd, and made up a few sets of custom limbs for the Telson 130 (380fps). The first set of limbs raised performance up to 418 fps, and the next up to 463fps. Later we might visit the Scorpyd 165 rated at 425fps. That one will take up where we are knocking on the 500 fps mark.

It appears we might have to develop our own target stops as the 463fps shot blew right through the target hitting the concrete wall and shattered in two. A carbon express at that.

Next we moved on to 2011’s more popular bows the Bowtech SZ380.
Our target was 410 to be just above the current TAC15 speed. The first set of limbs did 427fps, and the second right at 409 with the factory arrows of 399 grains.

Blah blah blah etc.



  1. I would be interested in a recurve set of limbs that can produce speeds of 400 fps. Very interested in your progress with that.

  2. Sent you an email to address provided. While excalibur bows can be brought to that speed, it does require upping the drawweight to about 270 lbs. Question is do you trust your Excal trigger to do that.

    If you would like a 400fps or above recurve, I can make it happen for you, but using a Middleton platform designed for it would be better.

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