Scorpyd Ballista update…

click on vid for some cool tunes while surfing and some nice Roman wars scenes.

My develop company has seemingly abandoned the project and its been a year now with not a decent CAD drawing. Have to face up if it happens, it wont be with their help. And so Plan B is the best option for now.

Retreat and regroup for the torsion dept of my planning it seems. The TAC15 might actually get worked on soon, as Im curious to see if I can get speeds upwards of 400fps.

For now there are two companies Im working with – Middleton Crossbows which also recently partnered with archery giant Bohning.
Yours truly now owns rights to MIddleton Crossbow limb tech outside of immediate company biz.

Currently Im selling heavy pull Middleton crossbow limbs to Excalibur crossbow owners who want more performance from their bow.
I hope to be able to start my own crossbow company this year 2012 if everything goes well.

Having found and acquired rights to the worlds fastest high quality limbs, I now am working on a new crossbow platform to put the limbs on, and not without some progress. Progress is slow with my shoestring budget, none the less I struggle on.

All said and done with, I hope to offer a 425fps recurve crossbow, as I already offer 400fps performance crossbow limbs for either Excalibur or Middleton crossbows.

If I can get my own crossbow company happening then maybe my torsion bows will become a reality as well…


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