Thoughts on Scorpyd ballista performance…

Hi and welcome to my “ballista blog”. Ballistae are ancient siege-engines that existed in Roman times, and the equivelent of todays heavy artillery. I’ve taken the basic concepts and developed a complete line of “alternative powered sports weaponry” to compete against the very best and fastest crossbows on the market. Do they really work?
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Monday Dec 19th.

NO ATA it looks like. My development team has received instructions to withdraw from the ATA, and cease negotiations with all other corporations interested…

This does make me a little upset and stressed, as nothing is inked yet. A fee is being negotiated to drop out of ATA etc. tho, so I should be able to recoup a little of monies invested to date.

I’d like to be able to say more, but cant. If negotiations are successful, it will be well worth it. The upside is I will get the low-down on the 2012 models and adjust accordingly. I still cant help feeling kinda bummed out about the ATA. My designs just plain kick ass, and I bought a new pair of boots for the occasion.

UPDATE – Dec 15.

The bad news. I have received an offer of exclusive licensing and the torsion design MAY be taken off the ATA menu.
The good news. I have been working with a manufacturer on a few different “limb” power designs that look very promising. It is expected an industry announcement will be made soon. These designs MAY be presented at the upcoming ATA. More to come later.